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This product is spring water with a ph balance of 7. This water is bottled in a plastic bottle that is recyclable. We are a bottled water company created to keep you hydrated and healthy, while simultaneously providing free water to youth sports and recreation programs. How our donation program works: When you buy Hydrate bottled water, we donate a huge portion of the sales to supply clean, healthy, pure water to youth sports and recreation programs. Do you have a specific program in your community you want to see helped? Just let us know. When you buy your water directly from Precipitate, we let you say exactly where you want your donated water to go. To learn more about our donation program please visit Thank you. Shipping included ( $8 shipping charge) 

Precipitate Spring Water

SKU : 364215376135191
  • This product has a 7 ph balance.  The case package has 24 individual 16.9oz bottles.

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